desktop computer tower

Cleaning Your Desktop PC Internals

When it comes to your desktop PC, don’t get lazy when cleaning time rolls around. You don’t have to clean it every week. Once every couple of months is fine. So how exactly do you clean the inside of your desktop?

Compressed Air

Make sure you to read and follow the instructions for using compressed air. You will have to keep the can upright from coming out that may lead to frostbite and damage. One suggestion is to bend the nozzle that you will need when keeping the can upright, airflow. While using the vacuum prevent bringing anything to the motherboard with attachments or the hose into contact. Because it is enclosed, we’re mainly capturing dust.

Power Supply

The electricity source is the huge box with a fat package of cables coming from one end. It’s a minimum of one fan. Look for air vents or slots at the power supply housing. This is where you will blow air. A neat trick is to get the vacuum at the same time you blow air running close to the fan. As you work, this may keep dust. Look.

CPU Cooler and Motherboard

About the motherboard, start looking for a huge metal block with hooks and a buff fastened to the peak of that. This is actually the CPU cooler. We are going to wash this next. To be able to maintain the air vertical, you might want turn the PC upright. Aim the atmosphere in such a way as to clean the fins of this metallic block of dust build up. There may be some dust on the fan which can’t be eliminated without taking it. That is and is normal.

The Case Fan and Finishing upward

Computer cases are intended to move warm air out and cool air in. Most cases have an exhaust fan. Some could have more than one. Search for any lovers and wash them. The fins might be wiped with a tissue, if they’re available. To finish up, scrutinize the places at the chassis, along with any drives. You might come across that the vacuum useful here. Typically the drives won’t be dirty and a few bursts of air must suffice. When reassembling your own system, set on last.

If the above seems too complicated for you, don’t worry. You can always hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.