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Computer Hardware

Month: August 2020

Components of Computer System

desktop computer tower

Computer techniques consist of 3 elements shown in the below picture: Central Processing Unit, Input devices, and removable apparatus. Input devices provide information input into the chip, which processes information and creates useful information that is displayed to the consumer via output devices. This is kept in a computer’s memory card.

Central Processing Unit
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) can be known as “the mind of computer” since it controls the functioning of all areas of the personal pc. It consists of 2 elements: Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), and Control Unit.

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
Data input into the computer can be routed into RAM, from where it’s subsequently sent into ALU, in which the remaining data processing occurs. All sorts of processing, like comparisons, decision-making, and processing of non-numeric data happens, and once more information is transferred to RAM.

Control Unit
As its name suggests, this component of this CPU extracts directions, performs performance, maintains, and directs operations of the full system.

Functions of Control Unit
Control machine performs the following purposes −

  • It controls all the activities of computer
  • Supervises stream of data in CPU
  • Directs the flow of data in CPU
  • Transfers information to Arithmetic and Logic Unit
  • Transfers contribute to memory
  • Fetches effects from memory to output apparatus

Memory Unit
This is a device where data and instructions supplied to the computer in addition to outcomes provided by computers will be saved. The device of memory will be “Byte”.


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