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Month: December 2020

What Is A Computer?

Computer desktop set up

A computer is described as:

a digital device capable of accessing information, and executing a set of operations based on predetermined procedural directions or programs to generate a result in the kind of data or signs.”


Whilst very different entities both physically and also in operation, pc hardware and computer applications are completely reliant on one another for them to have any type of usage.


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Intro to IT hardware and applications


Computer hardware is the umbrella term used to refer to the physical selection of components that finish a complete computer system. Hardware encompasses the outside tools that enable users to run a computer, like a mouse and a keyboard, external elements of this machine like the track and structure, and inner elements such as the motherboard, graphics card, and information storage.



Computer applications is the expression used to specify the collections of data, code, and instructions saved on the computer hard disk which run the device from behind the scenes. To put it differently, applications enables a computer to execute tasks, without applications, computer hardware could be completely useless. Application software performs a program, which will subsequently run on working software in a computer.


What’s the Operating System?

A working system is a sort of program that handles the hardware and software elements of a computer program, all programs, excluding firmware, need a working system to operate. Operating systems (OS) are located on any system which includes a computer, including cellular phones, videogame consoles, internet servers, and smartwatches. The most popular desktop operating system now is Microsoft Windows, using an entire market share of 83.3 percent, followed closely by Apple’s macOS with 11.2 percent, and variations of Linux in third with 1.55%. In mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, Android by Google sits in 87.5percent of the global market share, together with Apple’s iOS in 12.1%.


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