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Month: July 2021

The Role of Computers in Modern Life

Laptop and Desktop

The fact that computers have considerably changed the lives of men can hardly be denied. nowadays the bulk of folks cannot imagine our lives without them.

Computers make people’s lives easier and more comfortable: they supply opportunities for staying in grips with billions of individuals who may all right be in numerous parts of the globe. There also exists a thought that the pc is an electronic brain that folks can depend upon. Yes, I agree that computers are crucial elements to business people and people who need them for work, for study, and for entertainment, but what does one give some thought to young school-age boys and girls using computers?

Personally, I feel that their access to computers and also the Internet should be limited. I’ve got no objections if they play various games or chat with their friends online from time to time. Yet it often happens in order that children start to look for homework solutions on the net what becomes a nasty habit. rather than trying to accommodate the assignment using their knowledge or information from textbooks, they like to use the solutions found online. This certainly features a negative influence on their progress at school.

Computers also affect the health of children. First of all, people who spend plenty of their time ahead of the screens of their computers suffer from an absence of physical activity.


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